Zhao hong sheng
Simple and generous, the full range, practical, strong and durable
Zhao hong sheng

ZHS Zhao Hongsheng "brand insulation bags is Shenzhen Zhao Hongsheng handbag factory in 2008 to set up investment

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Brand story

Shenzhen City, Zhao Hongsheng insulation bags Co., Ltd. under the Longgang District, Shenzhen Henggang Zhao Hongsheng handbags factory, the main food, medicine, catering, cold chain distribution of the insulation bags, is the development and design of the first production of thermal insulation business bags. The company has independent import and export rights, the current products have been around the corner of the Chinese market and sold around the world, and domestic and foreign well-known food cold chain distribution enterprises to maintain long-term stable cooperation, "Zhao Hongsheng" brand insulation bags have been deeply rooted, Product quality and service has been widely recognized by the community. Due to the continuous expansion of the market, the original site can not meet the needs of our customers, in May 2017 moved to Shenzhen Henggang Street Anxing Road 35, location, with more than 5,000 square meters of production workshop, infrastructure, work And the living environment is superior. Business objectives: professional, integrity, insulation luggage supermarkets, personnel training base Business philosophy: professional, honest, high quality, high efficiency, the best price, reliable service purposes: to technological innovation, through large-scale, industrial and reduce costs to The highest quality, the most affordable price, the most complete services, to provide the best quality products. Market-oriented, the introduction of advanced technology, equipment and personnel, to strengthen research and development capabilities, all customers can think of the insulation luggage products, "Zhao Hongsheng" here can be found.

  • Simple and generous, the full range, practical, strong and durable

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